Simply Stronger.

Arches Home Kits utilize a simple and extremely solid building form, the Arch. The Arch is one of the world’s strongest and oldest structural building systems.

When the Arch form is utilized with our modern techniques, materials and fasteners we offer a very strong, low maintenance, and functional housing system.

Arches Home Kits are safer to build due to reduced fall hazards and no scaffolding requirements. Arches Building Kits use 18% less building materials and can be built 20-25% faster than traditional buildings.

Arches Home Kits are built on site using pre engineered standardized cold formed steel components. All components are heavy duty galvanized/galvalume steel and bolted or screwed together.

Arches Home Kits can be constructed with traditional construction trades and labor. No specialized training or manpower required.

Arches Home Kits range of standardized heavy duty structural components constructed with Buildex fasteners and bolts makes for solid homes at sensible prices. 

See floor plans for 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom home layouts. Please contact us for Price List and Architectural plans with details.

Sales Agent and Contractor inquires welcome.


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2 Bed 1 Bath

475 Sq.ft / 45 Sq.m

2 Bed 2 Bath

805 Sq.ft / 75 Sq.m

3 Bed 2 Bath

925 Sq.ft / 86 Sq.m