Hurricane Resistant Accessory Dwellings


Arches Building Kits Sizes and Prices:

Georges 2bed 2bath: $19,900.00 USD

21′ wide x 32′-4″ long (675 Sq.ft / 62 Sq.m)


Luis 2bed 2bath: $24,750.00 USD

24’ wide x 35’ 6” long (852 Sq.ft / 80 Sq.m)


Hugo 3bed 2bath: $27,900.00 USD

24′ wide x 40′-7″ long (974 Sq.ft / 90 Sq.m)


Arches (ADU) Kits can be customized and configured for almost any kind of detached accessory dwelling, granny flat, rental cottage, lane way home, in-law suite or carriage house.



Manufactured in Canada, Shipped Worldwide

Arches Hurricane Resistant Accessory Dwellings are manufactured in British Columbia Canada using American steel and US made modern manufacturing equipment.

Arches (ADU) Kit packages are shipped via 40’ flat deck trailer overland or 40’ shipping container overseas.

For added security and convenience during construction new or used 40’HC shipping containers are available for purchase with your Arches (ADU) Kit. 

The heaviest pieces in the Arch Kits are the Arches at 65.lbs each. The longest piece is also the Arches at 17’ each.

All Arches (ADU) Kit packages can be unloaded with a 2-3 man general labour crew.

Arches (ADU) Kits can be constructed with traditional construction trades and labour. No specialized training, cranes or heavy equipment required.

Fixtures, Furniture and Appliances

Fixtures, furniture and appliances are also offered as an option to help clients save on project costs. 

We load shipping containers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and there is some surplus space in the containers after the Arches Building Kits are loaded.

To fill this space we can accept deliveries or pick-up items from places like: Homedepot, Lowes and Ikea or any business with a location in or around Vancouver.



  Arches Brochure


Safer to Build ~ Faster to Build ~ Less to Build

Arches Building Kits are collaborative by nature. We work hand in hand with local professionals, local permit authorities and local contractors to achieve client’s project milestones and overall objectives.

Arches Hurricane Resistant Accessory Dwellings are safer to build due to reduced fall hazards and no scaffolding requirements. Arches Building Kits use 18% less building materials and can be built 20-25% faster than traditional buildings.

Arches (ADU) Kits are built on site using pre engineered standardized cold formed steel components. All components are heavy duty American galvanized/galvalume Steel and bolted or screwed together.

Arches (ADU) Kits can be constructed with traditional construction trades and labor. No specialized manpower training, cranes or heavy equipment required.

All structural components are American Steel and corrosion resistant with lifespans of over 150 years in typical marine environments. 

Arches Dwellings use less resources to build, less time for annual maintenance and less energy to maintain optimal thermal comfort. 


Are you in a Hurricane Zone and thinking of building a granny flat or rental cottage? We can help!