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Permanent and 

Deconstructable Buildings


In 2013 Dwelltech Industries began developing our Arches Building System using industrial rollforming machines and 5 ton galvanized/galvalume steel coils to create a structural building shell with potential life spans of 3 generations. We then worked on the materials and methods to make the Arches structural shell a complete building enclosure system which could be deconstructed, moved and re constructed.  A unique building enclosure system which is long lasting, safer to build, uses less materials per sq.ft and is re usable.

Arches Building kits are permanent, multi-use buildings engineered to be deconstructable. Arches Building Kits can be disassembled, moved to new locations and reconstructed up to 3 times without loss of structural integrity.

Arches Building Kits can be constructed and deconstructed with traditional construction trades and labour. No specialized training or manpower required.

Arches Building Kits are installed on concrete slab on grade,  raised concrete foundations or Steel frame floor system on steel or concrete columns.

Arches Building Kits utilize a simple and extremely solid building form. The Arch is one of the world’s oldest known building system. Arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia. But the systematic use of the Arch started with the ancient Romans who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures. Quite a few of the ancient Roman arch structures are still standing today. The Arch has also been forever memorialized in the 1st 4 letters in Architecture.

Arches Building Kits, timeless wisdom and modern materials.


Arches Building Kits


Arches Building Kits are Hurricane, Earthquake and Fire resistant. Also, can be buried under ground or snow.

7′ Wet Dirt Engineering

8′ Wet Snow Engineering

200 MPH Engineering


Arches Building Base Unit Kit includes: all structural components for roof and walls including beams, sub girts, angles, brackets, flats and fasteners.

Arches Kit inclusions

Available options on request: doors, windows, front and back wall cladding, insulation, pre-painted metal roofing and interior packages including plumbing and electrical fixtures, cabinets and vanities, furniture and appliances. 


Small business requiring low maintenance, durable buildings with flexible layouts; Coffee Shops, laundromats, hair salons, offices, medical clinics, retail spaces, artisan studios, mini storage, restaurants, Mechanic and tire repair, TV & Computer repair.

Accommodations on leased land requiring future relocation; detached and duplex hotel suites, dormitories for students, workforce or disaster relief. 

Affordable Housing; 1 & 2 bedroom homes for singles, seniors and new families.