Hurricane Resistant Accessory Dwellings

Granny Flats, Carriage Houses, Lane way Homes, In-Law Suites and Rental Cottages

Arches Building Kits are heavy duty, high performance dwellings designed and engineered from the ground up by professionals with 25+ years of dealing with destruction caused by Hurricanes.

Having personally experienced 3 major hurricanes, the company Founder has spent his entire career developing Hurricane Resistant Building Technologies.





Low maintenance and super insulated for energy efficiency 

No cranes or heavy equipment needed

All structural components are corrosion resistant with lifespans over 300 years inland and 150+ years in typical marine environments.

Arches Brochure

12′ headroom

Generous ceiling heights and ventilation

Easy to build

No cranes or heavy equipment required


Insulated for energy efficiency and comfort


Engineered for Cat 5 hurricanes

Floor Plans


2bed 2bath Models starting at $19,900.00 US



Are you in a Hurricane Zone and thinking of building a rental cottage or granny flat?   

Contact Archie today for a free 3D Architectural presentation of your project.